^Currency used for the auction.
0,50 EUR was equivalent to 1000M.  

From top to bottom:
Section and topografic study.
Description of the houses for sale.
Auction’s meadow

”Underground house” for sale

Architectural model of the Schuttbergsquartier with both upper and lower city
Documentation of the auction with Carmen Arias as “Claudia Montebasura”, Elias Allgeier as auctionator, and Helena Eichlinger and Rene Stiegler (Zuser Beton) as invited experts.



CA Subimmo 

2021 Eggarten, Munich
In collaboration with Jos Strobl

C and J created CA Subimmo as a response to CA Immo’s upcoming residential project for the Eggarten Siedlung. The fictive department of CA Subimmo was presented as the section of this real-estate company in charge of the subterranean development. Alongside emerged an alternative architectural proposal, that didn’t imply the demolition
of the one-hundred-years-old-houses. Instead, the new building complex would be constructed on top of a
gigantic Schuttberg, that would harbour the Eggarten as we know it today. In addition to preserving all the flora and fauna that characterizes this area, the new proposal promised the total commodity of its inhabitants, among others, through vitamin-D lamps and a projected sky on the mountain’s ceiling.

CA Subimmo, as the department in charge of the “lower city” of the Schuttberg-neighbourhood, organized a public auction on the past July 25th. The sale took place in situ, with an original currency called Muttern and so, the three first houses of this underground city were given away. An exchange post was situated at the auction's meadow, as well as a bar, a wood architectural model of the project, and a scenario where Claudia Montebasura (alias adopted by C. Arias during the performance) presented the project with a round of experts right before the auctioneer began the sale.

CA Subimmo’s auction took place as part of the AdbK’s Jahresausstellung 2021 programm.